Just Completed – Steve Nash Richmond Acoustic Soundproof Floor Installation

One of our main clients, Steve Nash Gym recently opened an new location on the second floor of a new residential tower in Richmond, BC, and a few weeks afterwords, residents that moved in above it were complaining of noise from the gym that was entering their suites. The initial flooring installation only consisted of 3/8″ rubber flooring placed on the existing concrete base and after running tests and then consulting with an acoustic engineer it was found that the sound of dropping free weights could be heard on multiple floors up to the 12th level. GSP was called in and we designed and installed 6000 SF of acoustic wooden sub-floor and multiple rubber layers.

This was definitely not an easy task as we spent almost two weeks in the facility working from 9:00 PM – 6:00 AM in order for the gym to still be open during the day, but we got it done and there have been no further issues or complaints since!

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GSP, Sound Proof Acoustic Flooring